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What is Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a traditional and popular food in Japan, especially in Hiroshima where it is the most famous. The name okonomiyaki comes from “okonomi”, which means “as you like” and the word “yaki”, which is “grilled”. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy one of Hiroshima’s classic soul food dishes!

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The history of Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

After the end of the Second World War, people in Hiroshima were starving and looking for a food that could sustain them on limited resources. The first type of Okonomiyaki that surfaced during that time only contained flour and a few vegetables, with Worcester sauce on top. Steadily, over time, this food spread and caught on in other areas. Present day Hiroshima is overrunning with hundreds of Okonomiyaki shops, the majority of which use female names. The reason behind this is, that after the war, it was Japanese wives that opened these shops, and thought that by using their names, it would help them reunite with their husbands that went missing during the horrors of war.

Try Eating with a Hera (spatula)!

Hera are traditionally used to eat Okonomiyaki in Japan, so while you’re here give this mini spatula a try, and do like the locals do!
1. Hold the handle with four fingers. Put your thumb on the end of the handle and keep the balance.
2. Cut Okonomiyaki into bite-size pieces.
3. Scoop and blow on it.
4. Bring the edge of spatula at right angle to your mouth, and eat it!


Comments from Tripadvisor

☁︎"You guys can eat real and original okonomiyaki here. A lot of stores near Hiroshima station have okonomiyaki that it made to suit foreign tastes. Fuku no Kami makes okonomiyaki in the traditional manner and it's absolutely delicious!" 

☁︎"Very tasty and the place has such an amazing atmosphere that i have to give it the full 5 stars." 

☁︎"Ate right off the stove, made some new friends including the owners who were a nice couple. Recommended."

☁︎"Kids had a great time watching the preparation of the food and this motivated them to eat this new food. Recommended, if one is looking for an authentic local experience."



Okonomiyaki Fukunokami

Open 11:00~14:00
Close every Monday
Address 2-1-25, Jigozen Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
Directions 4 minutes walk from JR Miyauchikushido Station
TEL 082-936-0415
Web site http://www.fukunokami99.com